Today’s Reason To Drink

My Play-Doh spirit animal

My Play-Doh spirit animal

I fear I’m cursed to spend this world alone. Not alone as in no friends or family … I have lots of great buddies and a supportive family. Alone as in no partner who is willing to put up with my bullshit for more than a few months — or a year at the most.

I curse. I go to bed early (during the week). I drink. I plan. I travel. I watch reality TV. I eat cheese fries. I run from fruit and vegetables unless you count mimosas and bloody marys. I walk. I like routine. I like spontaneity. I anticipate happy hour. I write. I laugh. I love.

I am like Play-Doh — easily molded, plyed and squeezed through small holes, very salty, and an eternal shapeshifter. One day I might be a shark, the other a playful kitten.

I’m also learning to face my fears and be comfortable with them. So being alone isn’t so bad, and neither are spiders, ghosts and the Amish.

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