Today’s Reason To Drink

I'll never forget these two days (don't judge the hair).

I’ll never forget these two days (don’t judge the hair).

It was on this very day in history that Tiffany first performed at a mall — the Paramus Park Mall in New Jersey, to be exact — skyrocketing her into the same pop music universe Debbie Gibson was on a mission to. The two celestial bodies collided, creating a fan-fueled rivalry that echoed the disdain between the Bloods and the Crips.

So who won the crown of the ultimate pop princess? Fast-forward nearly 30 years, and the two not only perform at ’80s-themed cruises, but they starred together in the SyFy original “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” in 2011. I say that’s a tie, although back in the day, I would have taken a Sharpie to your Cabbage Patch Doll if you weren’t with Team Debbie.

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