Today’s Reason To Drink

Screw this box!

Screw this box!

So I learned all about breaker switches this week when I hired a real live electrician to come out to my house because an outlet blew and wasn’t working. I thought I had flipped all the switches on and off in the downstairs box (that’s what she said?), but there was a strange one hanging out in the middle.

Of course I paid no mind to that middle button, because I’m a middle child myself and know how it is. But as he looked it over, light beaming from a flashlight strapped on his head, he zeroed right in on that middle child and said, “Oh, here it is. You have to flip this off and then on.”


While he was there, I had him install a dimmer in my bathroom, because at 40, I’d rather put on makeup in the dark than in the bright lights of Broadway.

Luckily, he was a cool dude and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to come out and flip a switch. And he didn’t even laugh at me (to my face, at least) or call me names.

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