Today’s Reason To Drink

It’s all her fault!

I came across an old CD the other day that I dusted off and put into my car stereo. Yes, I still call it a stereo, and my car still has a slot for CDs.

It was Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth, which came out in 1989. I listened to it back then so much, I wore through the cassette tape in one month. I actually didn’t change over to CDs until the mid-’90s, because I’m a bit slow to change.

Anyway, listening to it again today has made me happy, but hearing all those sappy, hopeless-romantic-saturated lyrics answers a lot of questions I’ve had of why I tend to fall for people so fast and ignore all the red flags that smack my face on the way down.

I just thought I was stupid and not well-versed in the dating world, but turns out it’s actually Debbie Gibson’s fault. Whew! That’s a relief. After realizing that, I will move forward in love with my feet planted firmly to the ground.

At least that’s the goal — but early relationship butterflies tend to have their own agenda.

Here’s a look at some of those lyrics I’m talking about. Jesus, Debbie, get ahold of yourself!

“Helplessly in Love”

My ears are gonna fade away
Without a word from you
My lips are gonna fade away
Without kissin’ you
‘Cause I’m missin’ you
Can’t you see I feel helpless?
So alone here
Out of touch with all I love
So helpless
So helpless in love

Forever is so long to wait
Well it seems like forever
It was so much more than fate
that brought us together
Don’t ya know I
keep counting
the days ’til
I can see you again
So helpless
I’m missin’ the love of my life
and my best friend

Oh, I can’t count the stars in the sky
no matter how hard I try
I’m helplessly in love and missin’ you
Can’t think of anything else
except how hard I feel
I’m helplessly in love and missin’ you

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