Today’s Reason To Drink

Dana & Alice reunited!


Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of “The L Word,” and they all would like to see the show come back — even Dana, who is dead. I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time, and there really hasn’t been lesbian-centered shows since it ended in 2009, unless you count “Orange is the New Black.”

I say yes, yes, yes! Let’s get Alice and Dana back together (somehow). Shane and Carmen. Tina and Bette.

Ten years ago, this show helped me realize I was, indeed, a gay gal trying to navigate a straight life. And that if I just was honest with myself and those around me, I could, well, have my cake and eat it too, so to speak.

It’s been quite a decade learning all about love, heartbreak, friendship, partnership, passion and all the other crazy stuff, but at least I’m doing it as my authentic self now — and I don’t have to pretend to have crushes on dudes.

Happy Pride Month, y’all!

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