Today’s Reason To Drink

Who would pick blue balls? It was always pink for me.

I never really post at nighttime, but lately I haven’t been able to get to sleep at my normal bedtime. I blame it on not eating carbs and installing a back porch by myself.

Anyway, I had a thought that couldn’t wait till the morning.

Can we please be done with these escape-room games? I saw a sign for yet another ridiculous escape-room experience on my way home tonight.

Who the hell goes to these, and if they do go, who the hell goes to them more than once?

Enough people that there are a handful in town? What ever happened to happy hour?

If I’m going to plan an escape from something, it’s going to involve getting out of this Trump presidency.

I mean, really, people. You have that much time and money to spend $50 on pretending you’re in jail or a bomb is about to go off or you’re in a haunted house … and need to get out? Try visiting a third-world country. They live in escape rooms every damn day, and it’s free!

But if you need to throw away your money on something, let’s bring back putt-putt golf. At least that involves some fun — picking the color of your ball, hitting said ball through a clown’s mouth or banking it off a windmill, playing air guitar with your club.

Enough with the escape rooms already.

Peace and love. Goodnight.

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