Today’s Reason To Drink

Zima is back, bitches!

Just in time for the summer sunshine, Zima is back once again, folks! They swear this might be the last time — and it’s for a limited time only.

In fact, I saw some six-packs at the Speedway near Poplar and Eastern Parkway.

As you all know from previous posts, I cut my teeth on Zima in college — enjoying it plain and sometimes with a watermelon Jolly Rancher. I was one of those who lost my mind when I heard it was coming back last year, and I was the first in line.

The first few sips took me right back to Jefferson Hall at Ohio University. But as you get lower and lower in the bottle, and the temp begins to warm up, it’s a little hard to swallow.

Basically, I can have one, and that’s about it. But I’ll have one soon and enjoy it.

What can I say, you never forget your first love.

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