Today’s Reason To Drink

No strings attached.

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever bought online while intoxicated?

The question no longer is if you have or haven’t purchased while tipsy, it’s now what’s the worst?

I try to stay off electronic devices when I get home after a night at The Back Door, but once I somehow bought a tennis racket that had no strings. Luckily everything I’ve bought hasn’t broke the bank, and I usually find myself hungover buying rather than drunk buying.

It’s fun and comforting to lay in the dark confines of my bedroom, sun trying to break through the blinds, head pounding, scrolling through old bourbon bottles on eBay.

Anyway, according to a new article by NBC News, drunk Americans spend about $30 billion online each year (which boils down to $447 per person), but what you drink somehow determines how much you’ll spend.

I don’t necessarily believe that, but their research says gin drinkers tend to spend the most, followed by rum, vodka, white wine, red wine, tequila, beer and then whiskey.

Looks like my penchant to stick to beer and bourbon serves me quite well when it comes to after-hours shopping. Woot!

Except I tend to drink red wine in the fall, so I better keep my Amazon account on lockdown after midnight. OK … maybe after 8 p.m.

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