Today’s Reason To Drink

Love the tall glasses, too!

Don’t hate me for saying this, but BW3’s has some of the best beer on tap.

I’m not talking about selection, although they do have at least 20 taps, probably more — it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I’m talking about quality. It’s cold, crisp and bubbly.

So many times, I order a draft beer at a local dive bar — not one in particular, but I have witnessed many with this problem — and it’s either skunky or warm. And when it’s skunky, it’s a clear sign that they do not clean their tap lines as often as they should — if they even ever clean them in the first place.

So why BW3’s? I’m guessing as a chain restaurant, they are required by the company to strictly follow regulations and rules, like daily cleaning of the tap lines. And I’m guessing they have to test the temperature of their beer every day as well.

I’m not saying go here instead of haunting your favorite local bar, I’m just bringing up the point that maybe some local bars should pay more attention to their draft beer and its quality.

I do have a liquid thermometer … maybe I should start bringing it with me and reporting the beer temperatures from bar to bar. I think I did a story on that once for LEO, or maybe it was Insider — trying to find the city’s coldest beer. I believe Joe’s Older Than Dirt won the top spot.

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