Today’s Reason To Drink

This is from a few years back, but could be the situation soon.

Well, if there’s any better reason to drink today than losing your job, I’m not sure what it is. Never mind … I know there are plenty of worse things that could be happening right now — and are happening — so I should be thankful to have my health, my friends, my family and my bourbon.

But yes, as of Aug. 7, 2019, Insider Louisville will be no more. It was a good five-year run for me and I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture beat — including bourbon coverage — and write about what I deemed important. Or rather, what I believe my readers thought would be interesting.

It was great not having anyone standing behind my back telling me what to write and how to write it. I basically spent the last five years meeting awesome artists, performers, writers, brewers, distillers, marketers, bartenders — you name it: If they had an interesting story to share, I helped them share it.

So now it’s on to bigger and better things, hopefully. What that involves I have no idea at the moment. But I do know that I plan to ramp up this website and continue writing about bourbon, whiskey, beer, gin, rum and, yes, even White Claw. I hope to make my Tasteless Tastings more of a regular feature and bring you all the latest news as far as releases, distilleries, distillers, etc. go.

For anyone who would like to keep in touch and/or send me some news about all things bourbon, my email address is

And, of course, you can also find me giving tours with Bourbon City Cruisers on any given night or weekend. Speaking of which … you should get six of your friends together and book a tour! We offer Distillery Tours during the afternoons and Cocktail Cruises in the evening.

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