Today’s Reason To Drink

Old Forester 1910

Welcome back!

Anyone in need of some good news to start your Monday? Well, thanks to Old Forester, we have some!

The Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is back on shelves — or should be within the week. As you know, the original release sold out in just two months last fall, and the distillery promised we’d have more by August.

And thank goodness they made good on their promise, because I’ve been awfully thirsty for some more 1910, which is the fourth product in the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series.

1910 is a double-barreled bourbon that references a devastating fire the distillery suffered long ago that shut down the bottling line. From the fire, the whisky that was ready to be bottled had to instead be stored in a second barrel until the bottling line was repaired.

The resulting liquid did not taste like the standard Old Forester, so it was re-labeled as Very Old Fine Whisky.

This iteration of Very Old Fine Whisky is aged in a second, custom-made, heavily charred barrel between six and nine months — giving the expression its smooth, chocolatey taste.

“Sales for the first release of our 1910 Old Fine Whisky blew us away,” said Campbell Brown, president of Old Fo, in a news release. “We were thrilled to see how much bourbon drinkers loved the flavors and the story behind 1910.”

The suggested retail price of the 93-proof whiskey is $55.

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