Maker’s Mark debuts the high-proof RC6, latest release of its Wood Finishing Series

Maker's Mark bottle

Welcome to Maker’s RC6. | Courtesy

For a company with one single recipe of bourbon, it’s been inspiring to watch Maker’s Mark expand its limited-edition offerings to consumers thirsty for “something different.”

A few months back, they released Maker’s Mark 101, which you could only procure overseas or at international airports, and their innovative Private Select program keeps Maker’s Mark fans and bourbon fanatics in general enthralled and wanting more.

Now, it’s time to introduce RC6, which the company is releasing under its Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series that also includes Maker’s Mark 46 and the Private Select bottles. The bourbon is the result of a two-year project that is yet another experiment with different types of wood staves added to the barrels after the Maker’s Mark is fully mature.

Maker's Mark


According to a news release, it is made with a proprietary finishing stave called RC6 that enhances the fruit notes and baking spice notes found in regular Maker’s Mark bourbon, with a brighter finish.

And it’s going to be bottled at cask strength, which in this case is 108.2 proof.

And for those who don’t have the luxury of living in Bourbon Country, this limited release will be shipped nationwide starting in late September.

Also worth mentioning, it’s a one-time release, and only 255 barrels were used for the project. If you can find it (at your favorite liquor store or at the distillery), the suggested retail price is $59.99.

It’s funny, because I still have a handwritten note from Bill Samuels Jr. that came in a package with a small sample of Maker’s 46 — when that debuted in 2010 — saying that he’s been working hard on a new expression, and he wants my humble opinion on it.

I told him he’s definitely onto something great, and that I look forward to the new product and everything else that seeps from the quaint Loretto distillery. I still do. And this new release is more proof of that.

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