Alcohol Professor: Searching for seasonal cider in Bourbon Country

Sometimes what you intend to write ends up totally opposite. Case in point, this piece for Alcohol Professor. My intention was to pick the fall’s top seasonal ciders — ciders made with pumpkin, spice and everything nice.

There are TONS of seasonal ales, lagers and porters out there, so I figured I’d find plenty of cider options. But unfortunately, after stopping by five liquor stores in town both big and small, I was only able to find three.

So here are my thoughts on those three, along with a list of several others I’d love to try but couldn’t find here in Bourbon Country.

Three ciders
Two of these are quite tasty!

An excerpt:

Fall is the definitive season for cider drinking. It’s as if nature shines a multi-colored spotlight on the beverage as it tap dances across happy palates of the world. Cider pairs well with pumpkin. Cider couples up nicely with cinnamon. Cider can even be served warm.

Cider is meant for sweater weather, and it’s that weather now, so why can’t I find many seasonal ciders in Kentucky?


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