If 2020 was a drink …

Flavorman's 2020 drink
If 2020 was a drink. | Courtesy of Flavorman

If 2020 was stripped down to a drink formation, what would it be?

In my opinion, it’d be a shot of rot-gut, bottom-shelf vodka because it’s flavorless, it’s pretty close to nail polish remover, and it’s gonna burn you going all the way down your bitter-ass throat. Now, some of you may have answered Jagermeister, Fireball or Watermelon White Claw, but at least these were made with some flavor and effort in mind.

2020 drink
Tasty … or not.

The folks over at Louisville’s Flavorman, a world-renowned beverage development company, decided to capture the essence of 2020 in liquid form, and they came up with the alcohol-free beverage you see above.

Of course there’s no alcohol in it. It’s 2020, and we can’t have any fun!

According to a news release, the drink was inspired by four themes: seeking comfort, a global consciousness around health, the power of hope, and, of course, the unpredictable series of events that have defined this historic period.

These folks help concoct drinks for a living, so I trust they used their best minds and creative energies for the project. They decided to combine pink grapefruit (for its tart and bitter flavors, but also for its immunity-boosting qualities), sticky-sweet honey and smokey, spicy ginger.

And in a move that defines the year, they put the label on the can upside down.

“I think the team did a great job. The drink offers a playful snapshot — a time capsule — of 2020 in beverage form,” says Flavorman Founder & CEO David Dafoe in the release. “This last year has disrupted our world in ways we couldn’t have predicted, but it’s also proven our ability to adapt, innovate and find creative solutions to keep powering forward. That’s something we can all celebrate.”

Watch the fun video about the making of this drink here.

I was fortunate to get a sample of this 2020 carbonated mocktail, and even though I’m not supposed to consume grapefruit — I’ll go ahead and blame my high cholesterol on 2020, too! — I took a few sips to experience the shit year in liquid form.

It is indeed bitter at first sip, and the pale pinkish-orange concoction doesn’t really scream “Drink me, feel me, love me!” If you can get past the grapefruit punch in the face, there are some sweeter notes lingering on the finish, which must be the honey.

It tastes like Kool-Aid and Tang soaked their toes in the same hot tub of grapefruit juice while snacking on gas station sushi.

This beverage was only created out of fun, so you can’t really purchase it anywhere. But because you all are awesome for being on this here website, I’m giving you the chance to win the extra can I have! Just share this post on social media, tell me what drink best sums up 2020 for you, and tag a friend or two!

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