Alcohol Professor: 8 Newly Released Bourbons You Should Definitely Try

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The assignment: Write about the Great Bourbon Release Season of 2021 and provide some tasting notes.

My response: Do chickens have lips?

I enjoy writing these roundups because they keep me organized and up to date on the latest releases. I try not to make them too boring, because who wants to read about what someone else tastes? Bourbon is subjective, after all.

A few caveats here: Most of these you might not be able to find at your corner liquor store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try them by the pour at your favorite restaurant, bar or liquor store that offers tastings. Also, samples from each of these eight whiskeys were provided.

There are also many I probably failed to mention, but this category is growing like my waistline during a pandemic.

Here’s a quick excerpt from my article in Alcohol Professor:

It’s as anticipated as the coloring of the trees, the cool, crisp nip in the air and pumpkin spiced lattes. The great bourbon release season is upon us, and this year, for some reason, it felt like it couldn’t get here quick enough. Perhaps we’re all preparing for another global shutdown, but as long as we have some damn fine bourbon to keep us warm and occupied, we’re ready for what’s to come.

Here’s a list of a few anticipated releases these next few months, along with some newbies to the scene that are worth your effort in tracking down. Of course there are more bottles coming out now than we could possibly cover in one article, so just think of it as a buffet of bourbon. And remember the golden rule of buffets: Take all you want but eat all you take.

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