What’s with these huge ass beers at Louisville concerts?

Big beers
24 ounces of ridiculous! I made this poor soul pose for a picture, but he was happy to show off the beer as big as your head.

When I was, say, 22, I would have been thrilled to order a 24-ounce beer while watching Limp Bizkit do it all for the nookie. And in fact, I probably would have ordered a couple throughout the show. But for the love of Chris Kirkpatrick, what the hell is going on at Louisville concert and sporting venues with offering ONLY 24-ounce canned beers???

This is bullshit, and I need to know why I’m forced to purchase a beer as big as my head if I’m in the mood for a little bubbly? Is it all about the cost? The economics of: “Let’s make them bigger so people spend more”?

Big Mich Ultra
More beer = more calories!

I guarantee you people will spend more buying normal sized 12-ounce beers — making more trips to the bar and possibly purchasing some overly priced stale popcorn — than one dumptruck dickload of White Claw.

These 24-ounce Sasquatches of suds have invaded the Louisville Palace, Lynn Family Stadium, Iroquois Amphitheater and so many more of our live music and sports venues.

Not only does the beer get warm halfway through, but I’m forced to haul my ass to the bathroom at least five times during the event. If I wanted to drink that much beer, I would have crashed a frat party and reignited my college namesake of Keg Stand Queen.

(For the record, yes, you can still purchase normal-sized pours of wine and spirits, so I decided to sip on some Maker’s Mark during last night’s Chelsea Handler show at the Palace.)

I need answers. Who is responsible for this careless and ridiculous decision? Is it the folks running the venues? The distributors? Are there supply chain issues with 12-ounce cans — but a surplus of 24-ounce ones? Is it really in the best interest of the venue to have the audience guzzling down vats of beer and seltzer?

Huge Miller Lite can
Here’s the next size, coming soon to a stadium near you!

Someone explain this to me. And also let me know if it’s happening at venues all around the country. I thought the super-sized American gluttonous culture was coming to an end, but apparently not.

Wait, does this make me old?

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