What’s with the ‘Throwback Content’?

Today I published my first article with the tagline “Throwback Content,” and I wanted to quickly explain what that means. Basically, when Insider Louisville went under in 2019, they moved all of our content to a different site and disabled the photos and links.

You could still find the stories if you really dug through the interwebs, but then, about a year later, everything ceased to exist. Luckily I saved backup PDF copies of most of what I wrote for Insider Louisville the five years I worked there as Culture Editor.

Insider Louisville logo
RIP Insider Louisville: 2010-2019

So this “Throwback Content” is a way to bring those stories back to life. The first one is the comical story of the guys behind Fortuitous Union, a rum and rye whiskey combo that was created by accident.

It was a bit tedious to get the text from PDF to Word and then onto the website, so please excuse any spacing errors you might see. A few paragraphs I had to re-type because of glitches caused between the three platforms.

I hope to streamline this process and figure out a way around some of the issues I ran into today so that I can put up more of my old copy from IL. Stay tuned for more throwbacks!

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