Today’s Reason To Drink

Walt-Disney-World3To quote from the esteemed girl group Bananarama, it’s been a cruel, cruel summer. But I’ve landed on my feet. Some days are good, others not so much. So what am I gonna do now? I’m going to Disney World! No, seriously. I am. Yes, I know there are lots of children there. And talking rodents and pretty princesses. Let me clarify: I’m going to the Food & Wine Fest at Disney World! Is that better? Of course I’m going to channel my inner tween and make a journey up to Space Mountain. But I think I’ll stay away from those tea cups, especially if I’ve had some wine.

Where there’s wine, there’s cheese — unless Mickey gets to it first. Damn that mouse. I’ll try to post my adventures here when I’m not country-hopping around Epcot.

Today’s Reason To Drink

Remember when neighbors would gather to see a slide show of summer vacations? I don’t either, but my mom says it happened. Here’s a snapshot of my trip to Asheville.


Did I mention there’s more beer than water in Asheville? Here’s a before and after pic at one of our brewery stops, LAB.


The liquor laws in North Carolina are strange … so you have to become a member of a bar if you want a cocktail. I was happy to pay $1 for a fancy membership card at a speakeasy above the Thirsty Monk. And I got free turkey jerky!


Seemed like an appropriate name for a hiking trail that led to peaceful waterfalls.


Found a place that made a decent mint julep, called Tupelo Honey. The food was quite amazing.


And I found a place that lit drinks on fire!


Saw this at One World Brewing, a beer speakeasy of sorts.