Jim Shake Party – Slugger Field

Stop 2 is a little more happening. Lots of people are crowding the Jack Daniels party room on the second floor of Slugger Field in hopes of seeing positive results for Elect Chief Judge Jim Shake. Although he’s currently nine points behind, that hasn’t stopped people from double-dipping in the ranch with a cold, hard carrot. Also up for grabs on the free buffet: chicken tenders, cubes of cheese, fruit and various vegetables for dipping. 

Becky behind the cash bar (yes, I forked over $4.25 for a CAN of Miller Lite!) says she voted early and had no wait whatsoever. Lucky. 

Jim Shake’s campaign manager George Parker, who you might know from the Louisville Film Society, has invited some up-and-coming documentarians from the West End to document the evening. Note 1: Follow up on that. Note 2: Order some Diet Coke so you can make a cheaper, stronger cocktail. Note 3: One more chicken finger for the road.

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