Today’s Reason To Drink

Love on top.

So I’m not sure what’s going on with this cold temperature, but someone must put a stop to it. I can’t recall a time when it was this cold for this long this early.

There’s a reason I don’t live in North Dakota, so I shouldn’t have to be forced to endure it like I do.

Can we temporarily relocate to Florida? Mexico? Southern California? Australia?

I see the sun. It looks like it’s working. But it’s not. Our eternal microwave is broken at the moment, and the warranty just expired.

Anyway, while I’ve been staying indoors, I’ve tinkered with my bar a little and made shelves out of old Booker’s boxes. And by “made,” I mean took the boxes over to my buddy John King of Drunkwood and had him cut them in half.

The bottom half of the boxes make excellent risers, while the top half — with the clear plastic — will make even better ones when I put some colored lights underneath them. Those have been ordered and are on their way, thanks to Amazon.

Don’t worry, you’ll get an update here. What else is there to write about?

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