Today’s Reason To Drink

A gaggle of golden girls joined the pub crawl.

Well, it was a successful last pub crawl, but it took me an entire day to recover.

I even tried to rally with a bloody mary at one point, but my body just said no. I listened.

Maybe someone will take the Gettin’ Drunky in Kentucky pub crawl and run with it, or maybe it just goes out with a bang β€” like “Seinfeld.”

I definitely won’t miss making and selling the T-shirts and having to apologize for millennials who can’t handle their liquor.

It’s not the last pub crawl I’ll go on, it’s just the last one of this iteration.

On a positive note, my crew all had a great time and made it to each and every bar — except for Time & Space, which was on fire.

We even had a gaggle of golden girls join the crawl at Baxter’s. (Check out the picture.)

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