Today’s Reason To Drink

Holy S’more No. 1!

I went to a wedding over the weekend that had a real live S’mores Bar!

All the ingredients necessary, and not necessary, were laid out for you to pile on at your own free will.

There was a lady behind the table with a torch who’d toast the marshmallow for you, but other than that, there was no supervision whatsoever.

I visited said bar twice.

The graham crackers were homemade, as were the marshmallows, and the topping options included the standard Hershey bar (three squares), a Reece’s Cup, a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate, drippy chocolate fudge and hot caramel.

Of course both of mine used the standard Hershey chocolate, but I ended up adding drizzles (OK, rivers) of fudge and caramel on top β€” just because.

I’m thinking of installing a bar like this in my house, but I’d have to move some bourbon out of the way.

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