Today’s Reason To Drink

All aboard!

Holy shit, where has time gone? And, more importantly, where have I gone?

Nowhere. I’m right here. In Louisville. I just haven’t posted in a dick year because I’ve been busy doing work.

Of course I’m still with Insider Louisville, writing about all things bourbon, beer and bars, but very soon you’ll also be able to find me on the streets, driving a tuk-tuk and taking tourists (and residents) around the city for Bourbon City Cruisers.

That’s right. I’ll soon be a Cruiser Captain, if I pass my test on Monday. So you can hire me to take you on one of three tours in downtown Louisville β€” a sightseeing tour, a bourbon distillery tour or an Urban Bourbon Trail tour. The last two include drinks, so make sure you book those!

That’s my news and I’m sticking to it.

And if I fail my test on Monday, I suppose I’ll be back at the bar, drowning my sorrows and blaming my awkwardness.


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