Bar Belle takes bronze-bronze in Best Blog category!


I’m honored to receive the bronze-bronze medal for Best Blog in the LEO Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards. Not only did I come in third place, but I came in third in a tie for third. Bronze squared?

I’d like to thank everyone who has ever bought me a beer, and that one dude who bought me a shot of Birthday Bourbon once. I’ll never forget that dude — what was his name?

And I haven’t disappeared or ran off to an Irish pub. Going from journalism to marketing makes me feel like I’m a Walmart greeter working for NASA.

So I’ve just been busy learning the ins and outs of SEO, DIVI, WPBakery, hashtags and #yourmom.

I’ve got lots of Tasteless Tastings to get to — bourbon is literally piling up on my home office bar. Plus lots of other new bars to mention, and I might even have some news about the future of Bar Belle. Hint: It’s good!

So in the meantime, just comment here on your favorite White Claw flavor and why.

And again, thanks for voting for me! Maybe next time I’ll get some upper-case action.

Now thank you for shopping at Walmart.

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