Two new bars you should check out … and a fancy-pants market!

Hillcrest Tavern

It’s all chill in Crescent Hill …

I love it when my nightlife family gets bigger, especially if the new specimens are places I could actually see myself hanging out at. Since my days are now full of learning a new gig, it takes me a bit to get to a new place, but recently I’ve been to two newbies and one grand market that has options for wine, bourbon, beer, coffee and cheese.

You know, everything a girl needs.

Hillcrest Tavern

3212 Frankfort Ave.

This friendly neighborhood bar is new to the Crescent Hill/St. Matthews area, but it’s actually related to the Old Louisville Tavern, which has been around for years. I didn’t eat the night I stopped in, but the menu looks amazing, so I’ll be back for the grub.

I found the bar to be chill, offering a wide variety of bourbons and bourbon cocktails at affordable prices.

I sipped on a Weller Special Reserve while guzzling back a Bud Light, and I don’t think I spent over $10. St. Matthews can sometimes feel like a homecoming weekend frat party, but this bar offers a mellow place for those of us who have never been invited. They also have an Old Fashioned I need to further investigate.

After all, I’m still helping the mayor find the city’s best Old Fashioneds, and that’s a job I take seriously.

Trouble Bar

1149 S. Shelby St.

Trouble Bar

This will be written on my gravestone.

The buzz was loud surrounding the opening of this Shelby Park bar, and for good reason. The drinks are solid, the owners are experienced and the vibe is delightful. Plus, I live pretty damn close to Trouble, so I might very well be in trouble.

Last time I stopped in, I only had time for one quick cocktail, so I ordered an Old Fashioned with Weller Special Reserve.

I liked that the bourbon list included options and prices to upgrade to a cocktail, making it a simple process to substitute any given bourbon. Not that it’s difficult elsewhere, but I like to know the cost before I order — unless someone else is buying, then who the hell cares?

The environment here also is pretty laidback, like the Hillcrest Tavern, and sometimes if you’re lucky there’s a food truck out front.

I need to spend more time with the cocktail menu and less time on Tinder, so I’ll be swiping right on Trouble and hope it messages me back.

(One nitpick: They don’t offer shitty domestic beer options like Bud Light, which I often enjoy along with my high-end bourbon. I think they had Coors Banquet, but that’s not my cup of brew.)

Logan Street Market

1001 Logan St.

Logan Street Market

2 Legit 2 Quit!

Well, well, well. Louisville is getting pretty cool these days. Not that it ever wasn’t … it’s just that more and more people are finding out our little secret. If that leads to more traffic, I’m gonna be pissed!

Anyway, this Logan Street Market has just about anything you’d want, except Julia Roberts riding an ostrich. Cheese? Check. Bourbon? Check. Beer? Check. Coffee? Check. You get the idea … it’s a one-stop-shop for all things fun, local, different and familiar.

Yes, there is a wine store inside, and I enjoyed a glass of Beaujolais as I sauntered around the two-level market. Plus, there’s a full bar, a bar that has cocktail-making demonstrations, a coffee shop that serves you a shot of liquor with a shot of espresso (I had that, too), a cheese shop and even an ice cream parlor!

It’s like the mall of my dreams sans Tiffany and Spencer Gifts.

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