Alcohol Professor: Pairing Classic Books With Cocktails

Without some freelancing work, I think I would have done gone crazy by now. I thank the stars that the esteemed website Alcohol Professor continues to take my submissions, because these stories have been fun to write.

This one is all about books and booze — or more specifically, what cocktails to drink while reading some classics. I turned to my Facebook family for some of these suggestions, and relied on my literature background for the others.

And I also talked with the cool ladies at Bourbon Women for their ideas as well. According to Bourbon Women President Kerri Richardson, now is as good of time as ever to revisit the classics — with a cocktail in hand.

“It’s natural during times of uncertainty, crisis or danger to seek guidance or solace from writers who have documented similar conditions, whether in novels or history books,” she told me, mentioning she was thinking about finally tackling “The Grapes of Wrath.”


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