Summer lovin’: New Weller Single Barrel coming in June, folks!

Along with creeping out to see what all this “new normal” is about, we have something else to look forward to this summer: Weller Single Barrel. The wheated deliciousness will be bottled at 97 proof and dressed with a burnt orange label.

This makes me very happy, but also nervous, as I know it won’t be an easy bottle to find — like all Wellers.

“Many of our Weller fans have been asking for a single barrel bourbon for quite a while, and we’ve planned for this addition for a number of years, so we’re excited to be able to make this happen, said Joshua Steely, marketing manager of Buffalo Trace Distillery, in a news release. “Our rye bourbon mash bill has a variety of options, like Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Stagg Jr. George T. Stagg and E.H. Taylor, Jr. bourbons, so it’s nice to be able to offer some variety in our wheated bourbon mash bill as well.”

Weller Single Barrel bottle


The Single Barrel is the newest member of the Weller family, which also includes Special Reserve (green label), Antique (red), 12 (black), C.Y.P.B. (white) and Full Proof (blue). This orange label will definitely look sharp in family portraits.

Suggested retail is $49.99, but good luck even finding it on a shelf. The release says it’ll be out in June and will be released only once a year.

Let the bourbon hunting begin! I can’t wait to try this.

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