Alcohol Professor: Gold Rush Cider — It’s All About ‘Dem Apples!

Since I’m on the cider beat at Alcohol Professor, I’m learning a lot more about cider than I ever imagined. For instance, just like grapes for wine, there are just as many varieties of apples used for making cider.

Gold Rush Cider

Some are good, and some are better. When I talked with Snow Capped Cider co-owner Kari Williams, she helped explain the differences between culinary apples (the ones at the grocery store) and cider apples:

“The difference between making hard cider with cider apples rather than culinary apples is like making wine with a table grape as opposed to a wine grape. They’re just not as readily available, so that’s one of the reasons we named it Gold Rush—finding a cider apple is like finding gold. It’s a very rare thing to find for a cider maker. There is much more acidity, more tannins to these apples, and the flavor profiles are intense to ferment and make cider from.”

Read more about their latest product, Gold Rush, and more about the Colorado cidery that sits at an elevation of 6,130 feet.


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