Once, twice, three times a bourbon: Old Forester celebrates 150 years with a trifecta release

Old Forester, the venerable and faithful Louisville-based bourbon brand, turns 150 this year, and they’re going big for their big anniversary. Fresh off the release of the highly coveted Birthday Bourbon, here comes — count ’em — one, two and three different batches of the Old Forester 150th Anniversary Bourbon.

Old Forester 150 Batch 1

Batch 1, baby!

As if you have endless room on that bar shelf!

The limited-edition release honors the early process that founder George Garvin Brown used to batch barrels and sell the world’s first bottled bourbon unfiltered and at batch proof.

Each of the three bathes has vastly different tasting notes and will come in a fancy tube similar to parent company Brown-Forman’s King of Kentucky release.

“My great-great grandfather had quite the vision for his whisky,” said Campbell Brown, Old Forester president and fifth-generation Brown family member, in a news release.

“He was bringing something to the market that had previously not existed, and today, we instill his legacy of ingenuity in everything we do — especially in the halls at Old Forester Distilling Co., in the same building George ran the business in the early days of the company.”

I attended a media conference call on Monday hosted by Campbell Brown and Master Taster Jackie Zykan, and I learned that these 150 barrels had been set aside more than half-a-dozen years ago by Master Distiller Chris Morris and were then batched together by Zykan in late 2019. The barrels were all filled the same day and aged together in the rick house.

Because Old Forester heat-cycles their rick houses, the angel’s share was definitely a factor in how much bourbon actually came out of each barrel. Zykan said that at least three or four barrels they opened for this product were completely empty!

George’s angels must be damn thirsty!

But anyway, working on such an important commemorative project was both “terrifying and an honor” said Zykan.

So let’s get to the three musketeers, amigos or blind mice — whatever you want to call ’em. (Below details come straight from the news release.)

Batch 1

125.6 proof/62.8% ABV, comprised of 46 barrels; fruit bomb

Nose: maple syrup and perfectly ripe orchard fruits, apricot and plum

Mid: açaí and black current

Finish: graham cracker, subtle peppermint, long well-rounded spice, moderately dry

Batch 2

126.4 proof/63.2% ABV, comprised of 48 barrels; sweet and spry

Nose: cherry cordial and raspberry preserves

Mid: French toast and chocolate malt

Finish: brilliant and perky spice at the front of the palate, touch of cedar, mildly dry

Batch 3

126.8 proof/63.4% ABV, comprised of 53 barrels; green and spice

Nose: dill and bright orange peel, hint of light brown sugar

Mid: sweetens in the middle to melon and pine

Finish: medium dry, tingling green peppercorns, rosemary, grapefruit peel, and lingering anise 

Each of us in that conference call was sent a different batch to sample, and I was fortunate to get Batch 1 — the “Fruit Bomb,” Zykan named. It was thick and viscous and had serious dark fruit notes like fig and plum. It didn’t seem hot being at 125.6 proof, and the delicious, caramel-y finish lasted quite a long time.

I’m curious now to try the other two batches, but I suppose I’ll have to wait like the rest of you!

The Old Forester 150th Anniversary Bourbon should hit store shelves (if you’re lucky to find it) in October, and each batch retails for $150.

Let the hunting begin!

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