J-Town Beer Fest returns!

Beer glasses from Jeffersontown Beer Festival

Another reason why 2020 was the green Skittle of years: No beer fests or bourbon bashes and not even a tea party to be found! The horror!

Thankfully, life is returning somewhat to normal, and now the summer of festivals begins with the Jeffersontown Summer Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, July 17. Tickets are still available, and you can get them for cheap ($40) at select Cox’s Smokers Outlet and Spirit Shoppes and Evergreen Liquors, or online ($45), or at the gate ($50, if they’re not sold out).

The festivities will include beer, of course, with more than 85 beer, wine and seltzer vendors on site to share samples and swag. There will also be live music, lots of food trucks, video games courtesy of Rec Bar, and lots more. Even if beer isn’t your thing, it sounds like there will be plenty of options for you between the Truly Bubbly Bar and a winery section.

Once again, Trevor Cravens and Tisha Gainey of HB Productions are responsible for the festival, so you know it’ll be a great time. They also put on the annual Tailspin Ale Fest held each year at Bowman Field.

“We are thrilled to get back to events and connect with people through beer,” said Cravens in a news release. “The pandemic provided us with a chance to examine our business and create some new opportunities, but events are our passion and we have big plans to bring them back better than ever.”

The event will take place on Saturday, July 17, from 4-8 p.m. at the Gaslight Pavilion in Jeffersontown. Better get your tickets soon, because it’ll likely sell out.

People are ready to throw down, beer be damned!

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